Snapchat data leak!

We've setup a special page for users to check if they've been affected by the Snapshot data breach. Check here!

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At PwnedList, your data is our highest priority. We use the best tools and engineering practices to build and maintain our unique approach to credential security. Our team is dedicated to protecting your identity and thwarting attempts to steal the invaluable credentials of your valued employees as well as customers.

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Let us show you the range of world-class services we can make available to ensure your accounts are protected. A few minutes invested with our crack team of security specialists will galvanize your trust that we can safeguard the precious data vital to your business.

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  • Predictably, Snapchat user database maliciously exposed

    On January 1, 2014, an anonymous user announced the release of SnapchatDB and 4.6 million usernames and matched phone numbers in a Hacker News post.... Read more.

  • 5 Most Dangerous New Hacking Techniques

    The advice given to organizations is to salt and hash passwords, but the process of salting and hashing only slows an attacker down, Ullrich said... Read more.

  • Evernote hacked - almost 50 million passwords reset after security breach

    Evernote, the online note-taking service, has posted an advisory informing its near 50 million users that it has suffered a serious security breach that saw hackers steal usernames, associated email addresses and encrypted passwords.... Read more.

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